Terms of Service for Issuers

1. Creator Credentials Services

  1. These general terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to users of the Creator Credentials app [https://creatorcredentials.app] and the services offered within this app (collectively the “CC Services”). Third party organisations use the app to confirm credentials of Users as a witness of control of identifying data for Rightsholders and confirm their witnessed knowledge in relation to themselves by issuing a Verified Credential under the VC services (“Issuers”). If You, as an Issuer, use the CC Services, you must comply with these Terms.

  2. The CC Services are offered by Liccium B.V. to allow Users that can be creators, holders of copyright or related rights, or media organisations (in the following termed “Rightsholders”) to verify themselves and receive VCs.

  3. Liccium B.V. acts as the “Host” of the application that offers the CC Services. The Host can also act as a witness of control of identifying data of Rightsholders and Issuers, and can also act as an Issuer of Verifiable Credentials (in the following termed “VC”) to confirm their witness knowledge.

  4. The Host only offers the CC Services to Rightsholders as professionals and Legal Entities in their respective capacity as businesses and professionals in a B2B relationship. The rights of consumers are not affected by these Terms of Service.

  5. The term of these Terms and Conditions ("Term") in relation to the CC Services commences on the date you accept them and continues until you permanently cease to use the CC Services.

  6. Updates to the terms have to be accepted. If new terms are not accepted, the Host has the right to terminate the contract.

  1. The legal relationship between the Issuer and the User/Rightsholder is independent of the relationship between the Host and Rightsholders.

  2. The Issuer is responsible to apply its own Terms and Conditions in this relationship and must ask Users/Rightsholders for specific consent.

  3. The Issuer must respect all personal data entrusted by Rightholders to him in full compliance of the Data Protection Rules applicable in this relationship. This may, among other obligations under the jurisdiction applicable in this relationship, include explicit and separate consent for processing the relevant personal data of the Rightsholders/User by You as the Issuer as well as provision of processing information under the laws applicable for the relationship between You as the Issuer and Rightsholders/User.

For the avoidance of doubt: Consent of a Rightsholder to Terms and Conditions of the CC Services and/or Data Protection Rules towards the Host does not replace other, separate declarations between You as the Issuer and Rightsholders/Users.

2. Amendments

  1. Liccium BV may amend these Terms to reflect technical or legal changes or changes to the CC Services. Liccium BV will publish the amended Terms on the Websites of the CC Services, naming the date of the "last update". In this case, you will be asked for your consent so that you can continue to use the CC Services.

  2. Liccium B.V. reserves the right to change, discontinue or otherwise adjust the features associated with the use of CC Services. We will give you at least thirty (30) days' notice of any changes and ask for your consent. If you do not wish to continue your use of the CC Services with the new features, you may cancel. If you accept the new Terms, its conditions will apply during the renewal period and thereafter.

3. Liability

  1. Without prejudice to any other provisions of these Terms, the CC Services are provided "as is" and "subject to availability”, without any warranties that may be provided for in these Terms.

  2. Liccium B.V. makes no warranties or guarantees to the availability and usability of the CC Services, even implied. This includes warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purposes. Liccium B.V. may suspend or terminate the CC Services for updates, repair or maintenance without the obligation to prior information of users. In case of final termination of services, clause 10.4. applies.

  3. Any data shared by You as an Issuer on CC Services, including registration data, e-mail addresses and VCs issued from the Host or by you as an Issuer, will be deleted alongside the Creator Credential app at the end of your use of service.

  4. VCs issued by You for a Rightsholder/User will be withdrawn and invalidated in case of Your use of the CC services ends.

  5. Liability for damages is expressly limited to the contract value. The contract value represents the total payment made to Liccium B.V. within the twelve (12) months preceding the incident that led to the claim.

4. Indemnification

  1. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Liccium B.V. harmless from and against all third party claims, liability, damages and costs (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) arising out of or related to any of the following: (a) breaches of these Terms by You or Your account administrator(s) or Your authorised users; (b) the infringement by You or Your authorised users of any name or personality right, intellectual property or other right of any person or entity; and (d) the unlawful use of any third party data processed by the CC Services as a consequence of your use of the CC Services.

5. Right of Use

  1. You represent and warrant that you have the right and authority to use the CC Services as an Issuer.

  2. If Liccium B.V. has previously prohibited You or a Rightsholder/User related to You for registration from using the CC Services in the Creator Credentials App, you may not re-register for the CC Services. Reapplication of an account requires a new identification process and additional costs may apply.

  3. Liccium B.V. reserves the right to further exclude Users that have, under the impression of Liccium B.V., unlawfully used the CC Services. In this case, Liccium B.V. will notify you immediately and You or Liccium B.V. will withdraw or invalidate a VC issued to this User.

6. Intellectual Property

  1. CC Services as such is an open source software, issued under a MIT license.

  2. The website “creatorcredentials.app” contains intellectual property, including software, which is protected by copyright, trademark and other laws. As a user, you will comply with all applicable copyright and other laws and any additional copyright notices or restrictions contained on the website.

  3. If you use the CC Services to license your services or other assets to third parties such as Rightsholders/Users, you may use the trademark/business name "Creator Credentials" and “Liccium B.V.” in this context and display it on your website and own promotional materials. Any other use of the trademark/business name for other purposes is not permitted.

  4. You may not license, sub-license or use the CC Services or the documentation of the CC Services provided by Liccium B.V. ("Documentation") in any way other than expressly permitted by Liccium B.V.

7. Your Obligations as an Issuer

  1. When using the CC Services, you must not commit any acts or transmit any information that violate any laws or other regulations.

  2. In particular, without limitation, it is expressly prohibited to assist Rightholders/Users to impersonate another natural or legal person or use a password or account data to give the impression in legal transactions of being a person or entity other than the person or entity alleged by them.

  3. In the event of violations of the law You may be excluded from using the CC Services without notice, VCs issued by You may be revoked without notice in this case.

8. Issuance of VCs

  1. To access additional VCs from third parties, Rightsholders can utilise the Creator Credentials (CC) services to connect with one or more Issuer. Utilising the VCs obtained during the verification process, Rightsholders can introduce themselves to You as an Issuer and establish a connection. You have the flexibility to define one or more VCs the Rightsholder needs to present in order to establish a connection with You.

  2. Once You as an Issuer accept the initial connection request, establishing a direct legal and technical relationship between the Rightsholder and You as the Issuer, the Rightsholder can proceed to send a Credential Request to You as the Issuer.

  3. You may accept theCredential Request as the Issuer based on Your knowledge, Your database and Your discretion, and You may digitally sign and issue the requested VC to the Rightsholder. Liccium B.V. is not liable or can take any warranty for acts or omission by such acts or omissions by You in Your role as an independent Issuer.

  4. VCs may be revoked by You as the Issuer subject to these Terms and Conditions.

9. Control of VC

  1. VCs may be revoked by the Host or by You as the Issuer according to the stipulations outlined in these Terms and Conditions. The Host and the You as the Issuer have the right to impose time limits or revoke VCs as deemed necessary. Any disputes arising between the Rightsholder and You as the Issuer must be addressed within the direct relationship.

  2. Following the principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI), the Rightsholder, as the primary owner and controller of a VC, has the right to utilise their credentials. The Rightsholder holds the right to access their VC at any time, except where restricted by time constraints imposed by the Issuer.

10. Termination of a Contract with Liccium B.V.

  1. Your Termination You may terminate your Issuer account at any time by giving ten (10) days written notice to Liccium B.V. for use of the Creator Credentials App by sending an email to info@liccium.com. Upon termination, the relevant account data will be deleted from Liccium B.V.’s servers. In case of (a) breaches of these Terms by You or Your account administrator(s) or Your authorised users; (b) the infringement by You or Your authorised Users of any name or personality right, intellectual property or other right of any person or entity; or (d) the unlawful use of any third party data processed by the CC Services as a consequence of your use of the CC Services, Liccium B.V. has a right to save and store the relevant account until the matter is resolved and as long as permissible by statutory law (in the following: “Evidence Purposes”).

  2. The Rightholders have the right to transfer an owned VC to a third-party host or service provider, or to transfer it to a self-issued key-pair. However, transferring the VC to a key-pair not controlled by the Host involves the permanent export of the VC outside the CC services as a consequence, with no option for restoration.

  3. Termination by Liccium B.V. If You are in breach of contract, in particular, if You (a) are in breach of these Terms by You or Your account administrator(s) or Your authorised users; (b) commit infringements of any name or personality right, intellectual property or other right of any person or entity; by You or Your authorised users and (d) the unlawful use of any third party data processed by the CC Services as a consequence of Your use of the CC Services; (e) are late with payments owed; (f) insolvency proceedings or similar proceedings are initiated or conducted against You, Liccium B.V. may, without prior notice, (i) block Your account and Your use of the CC Services, (ii) terminate Your account, and (iii) use all other legal remedies available to Liccium B.V.

  4. In the event of termination, the following will apply: (a) You will continue to owe all debts due, (b) licences and rights of use relating to the Website, the CC Services and intellectual property will cease to be available to You and will terminate, (c) Liccum BV may cease to provide services to You with immediate effect. Upon termination, Your account administrator(s) or Your authorised users data will be deleted from our servers, unless we have a right to store such data for Evidence Purposes. You as the Issuer have a technical right to revoke the VC by You in such a case, it is, however Your obligation to make sure that You have a legal right to revocation also in the relationship to the Rightsholders to whom You issued the VC.

11. Data Protection

Liccium B.V. will use user data and content only as necessary to provide the CC Services. Liccium B.V. may share user data and content with third-party service providers as necessary to provide the CC Services, such as hosting and storage providers. Any third-party service providers will be required to protect user data and content in accordance with this policy.

Your account administrator(s) or Your authorised users have the right to access, correct, and delete personal data oat any time, unless Liccium B.V. has the right to store such data for Evidence Purposes. You can contact us via info at liccium.com.

Please see our Data Protection Policy in detail here. https://liccium.com/privacy-policy/

12. Jurisdiction and Venue

  1. The Contract between You and Liccium B.V. is governed by Dutch law, to the express exclusion of the rules of private international law.

  2. All disputes arising in connection with the present agreement, or further agreements resulting therefrom, shall be settled in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI). The place of arbitration shall be Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The proceedings shall be conducted in English.

  3. Any court proceedings in the Netherlands before, during or after the arbitration will - to the extent allowed by law - exclusively be dealt with by the Amsterdam District Court or the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, whichever has jurisdiction, following proceedings in English before the Chambers for International Commercial Matters (Netherlands Commercial Court, which consists of the NCC District Court, the NCC Court in Summary Proceedings and the NCC Court of Appeal). The NCC Rules of Procedure (see www.ncc.gov.nl) apply to these proceedings. This clause is not intended to exclude Supreme Court appeal.


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